Elements of a Great Story

While writing, I got to thinking about my favorite stories and why they ended up that way. While the sum may be greater than the whole of its parts, I wondered what exactly made a story remarkable. I tried to make a little list below.

• A standout story premise
• Beautiful prose
• Complex and memorable characters
• Witty or poignant dialogue
• Descriptions that appeal to all senses
• Relevant themes
• A fleshed out setting
• An addressment of topics that aren’t normally discussed
• Subversion of expectations (Twists)
• Ambiguity (To give people something to talk about)
• Suspense
• Irony

My hunch is that by isolating the correct building blocks, anyone can assemble a brilliant novel of their own.

What do you guys think? Is there something about a story that resonates with you?


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