On Demographics/Creating Market Appeal

Whether you intend to boost sales or draw in a larger audience, a writer must learn about demographics and appeal.

If you want to appeal to the widest amount of people, here are some tips and pointers.

1) Keep it simple. You risk losing a wider audience with PhD levels of complexity.

2) There are premises that can alienate people. For example, overabundant violence most likely won’t sell for a children’s novel.

3) Not sure who your target demographic is? Take a look at the age of your protagonist. Chances are your demographic will be within the same age range.

4) Have a wide cast of characters from all walks of life. Readers empathize with certain characters to varying degrees, so it’s best to be inclusive of many types of characters.

5) Comedy, even minor instances of it, can reel in a wider audience.

6) Take advantage of opportunity niches. A romance story is more profitable during the month of February, a horror story on October.


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