How Long Should A Novel Be?

Quote of the Day: “Well begun is half done.” –Aristotle

When going about crafting your novel, eventually you may start to consider what the proper length of it should be.

The short answer: However long it needs to be.

But, for a better understanding, it depends on the genre. A short novel can be around 50,000 to 80,000 words. (That’s about 200-270 pages.)
A children’s novel, meanwhile, can be about 20,000 words.

Publishers usually have a preferred amount of words or pages they want, so it’s best to check with them individually. You might have to trim or expand upon your manuscript if the situation warrants it.

Another helpful trick is to go out and check out as many books in your genre as possible and compare their lengths. This will give you a clearer picture on what you should shoot for.

As for my current work, I’m trying to write for young adults, so the length can be a bit shorter than average. Time will tell if I meet my expectations.


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